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I'm a very pretty and sexy 33 year old woman, I'm 5'9" tall, weigh 9st 3lb and am size 10 with long brown hair and brown eyes. My body looks great and I have a hot 34-26-34C figure, a lovely little bum and very long sexy legs. I live in a small town where I also work teaching at the Upper School which means I have to really hide my dirty secret. At home I don't have to pretend to be prim and proper I can be the real me, a cock hungry, giant young dick loving slut, I meet up with small groups of hot young guys aged 18-25, they must have 8"+ cocks, for no holes barred M/MMF sex letting them film or photo too. I put ads in online adult classified personals getting hundreds of replies, sitting at home naked every night having cam2cam chats before hooking up with them. A couple of weeks ago I got an email replying to an ad from a young BBC called Dev, in it he said he was 19 years old and lived half an hour away. He also said he had a thick 11" dick and a couple of friends aged 20 and 18 with 9-10 inch cocks, that they would love a 4some if I was interested and my pics had made his giant dick rock hard. Attached were a face pic, a cock pic and a lovely pic of himself naked with his lovely, monster young BBCock rock hard as he looked at a photo of me on his laptop, I couldn't stop looking at that pic and his huge dick and had to reply telling him I was more than interested I wanted his dick, then asking for similar photos of his friends. I got an email back about half an hour later including the pics, I gave him my Yahoo ID and we arranged to chat on cam and organize hooking up. All three lads were there, Dev introduced Chris and Bobby and we sat naked chatting and sorted out meeting at mine last weekend for an all night cock fest that they wanted to film, I didn't take my eyes off of their giant cocks the whole time and couldn't wait. Saturday finally arrived and at 7pm the doorbell rang, I excitedly rushed to the door wearing the shortest, tightest, lowest cut, most revealing, slutty dress I could buy without any underwear. As I opened the door the three lads jaws dropped, I invited them in and sat them on the sofa offering them each a beer. I sat opposite them with a glass of wine and loved seeing them staring at my barely covered boobs, flicking play on the DVD control I put on the BBC gang bang porno I'd watched as I was masturbating earlier to set the mood. As they watched the porno I discreetly pulled my tight dress down letting my tits free and uncrossed my legs so my smooth wet pussy was on show too, then sat watching as a huge bulge appeared in each lads jeans. I casually asked if someone could pass my bottle of wine to me, they all turned at the same time and instantly knew that the fun was about to start. As I moved round to the sofa they stood up each reaching out to rub either my hard nipples or my wet pussy, as Chris set up a laptop and camera telling me they could film every second I started rubbing Dev and Bobby's hard dicks through their jeans. Chris was back in seconds and as they stood I released each ones beautiful, young, rock hard monster cock, I was stunned and excited at the size of them, the three biggest cocks I have had at once! I couldn't wait anymore and took one of the massive black cocks in my mouth as I wanked the other two. I expertly sucked and wanked each dick in turn taking 8-9 inches in my mouth, knowing it was on camera made me even more horny and as I began feeling like a dirty old cock whore I wanted to be used like a real slut for the film. I told them to fuck my mouth and they took turns forcing their big hard dicks in and out of my mouth as I choked and coughed while the other two watched and pulled their lovely dicks. After a few minutes they stood me up and pulled my tiny dress off revealing my naked body, they were already naked, as I went back down I felt a tongue licking my aching pussy, clit and ass almost cumming as I sat on his face and sucked the two BBC bulls in front of me. They pulled me up and Dev lay on the sofa telling me to fuck his mammoth cock so I straddled him and he guided himself in to my dripping pussy, inch by inch stretching me as I moaned and rubbed my hard nipples. I took it all and slowly started to ride his enormous cock which felt amazing, almost giving me an instant orgasm, and took bobby's huge dick in my mouth as he moved round to the side of me. A few seconds later I felt Chris' giant cock pushing at my arse and watched out of the corner of my eye as he poured baby oil over his cock and my bum and pushed it towards him as I felt him starting to enter me. I started moaning louder and louder the deeper his big dick went and knew I wouldn't last long as I had Dev and Chris as deep in me as they could go, as they started fucking me I began swearing and shouting in total ecstasy "Oh shit, fuck me harder" I yelled "Fuck me like a dirty whore, fuck me with those giant black dicks" I added, shouting and screaming until after only about a minute I had the most amazing orgasm squirting everywhere for about 30 seconds. They fucked me all over the house and garden for about 18 hours with each of them going 4-5 times, catching every second on camera until it ended with me in the back garden sucking each giant cock and smiling as I took their torrents of hot cum in my mouth, on my face and on my tits. I couldn't walk for about two hours afterwards having to just lie on the grass covered in cum, I must have had at least ten orgasms and loved it. They emailed a copy of the footage and I'm meeting them again Boxing Day with another of their friends, on camera, CAN'T WAIT!!!

Posted: 08:23, Sun 15 Dec 2013
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